3 Ways to Develop a Supportive Community to Help You Get Healthy

You can’t get healthy alone. Or, if it’s not impossible, it’s at least incredibly hard… and incredibly rare.

Humans are social, so taking back your health is, by default, a community endeavor.

You need support. You need encouragement. You need people who want the best for you ready and waiting to help you push on when it feels like you can’t take another step forward.

Here are three ways to develop a supportive community to help you get healthy.

1. Ask your existing friends

Often the best place for starting your search for a community is within the social circles you already revolve inside. For some people, this is incredibly easy. For others, it may not be.

But if you seek out friends and ask for their support and tell them, “Hey, I’m starting to take back my health and I’d love if you could support me,” very few true friends are going to turn you down. The key is to be open, honest, and to let them know “why” you’re taking these steps.

Another tack is to invite them to join you. Accountability groups can be an effective way to grow as a community and also replace those bad habits with good ones. Plus, it’s easier to move ahead as a group, helping and supporting each other, than it is to go it all by your lonesome.

2. Facebook groups

Now that a significant amount of our communication happens online, Facebook groups have come to be convenient ways to find niche communities. This holds for groups dedicated to plant-based nutritional support as well. While certainly not as intimate as meeting in real life, for many people who can’t find a supportive community around them, Facebook groups might be a good option.

There are two key points to keep in mind here.

First, make sure the group is truly focused on holistic, plant-based nutrition. If the group appears to promote one or a number of fad diets, keep searching. Same thing for any group that seems to be peddling certain products or that tries to get you to sign up to sell things yourself. You’re smart, so do your due diligence.

The second key is to find one that is truly supportive. Nutrition is one thing. A very important thing. But there are a number of other elements that are key to your health, and toxicity isn’t one of them.

3. Join our program

Want a guarantee that you’ll be surrounded by people who care about and support you, while also providing a nutritional and wellness plan that fits your unique needs and lifestyle?

If so, then our Healthful Evolutions program may be just the place for you.

We provide a plan and process that takes you from wherever you are now in your health journey and move you, step-by-step, towards ever-increasing levels of health.

The simple truth is this…

We know what works. We know what steps to take to get you healthy and live your best life. And we surround you with a caring team of staff and members who are taking the same journey you are.

Also, our program is designed to work within your current life. No retreats, no weekends spent somewhere outside your home. It’s all about habits, and those new healthy habits need to happen within the scope of your day-to-day existence. And, again, it also needs to happen within a supportive community.

So, no matter how you find your community, I hope this at least gives you a good start. The key, of course, is to find a community that loves and supports you in your journey forward toward complete wellness and true happiness!

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