No matter how bad the news about health trends happens to be at any given moment—it’s dire, if you haven’t looked in a while—that doesn’t mean that those trends have to continue. As a country we might be fat, sick, and dying. But that doesn’t mean staying stuck in this unending toxic feedback loop has to apply to you.

We’ve all looked at our own health and thought…

All these treatments, all this medicine…. it’s just NOT WORKING!

Are my best days behind me?

I’m miserable, but that’s just what happens as we age, right?

My parents and grandparents had the same issues as me… that must mean it’s all genetic, right?

I feel like I’ve tried everything, and I’m not getting any better… this just must be the way it is. “Getting older” and “falling apart” are the same thing, aren’t they?

All this health stuff is confusing! It seems to change daily! And even if I got the “right” answers, there’s still so much work to do and I don’t feel anywhere near up to it all!

We understand exactly where you’re at. Health is such an integral part of who we are. It affects us deeply. It affects how we feel about both ourselves and the world around us. It affects our relationships. On a very real level, it affects everything.

The medical community at large has done us a disservice over the past century. By narrowing its treatment focus to either just the symptoms or just one cog out of thousands in the whole human machine, many people who just can’t seem to get well after visiting doctor after doctor eventually throw up their hands and give up.

We get it…

When Dr. Dangovian was 18 years old he went to his doctor and asked what he could do to prevent future medical problems. The doctor simply looked at him like he was crazy and told him to come back when there was actually something WRONG with him.

Dr. Dangovian went to medical school, did a residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in cardiology. Even after all that, he came out on the other end with no real answers. In the years since, he’s concluded that the traditional medical model is not designed to answer the questions about preventing or reversing chronic disease in a meaningful way.

So, in 2009, he created The Wellness Training Institute to address the problems that modern medicine simply doesn’t have the answers for.

The Wellness Training Institute was founded on the idea that there’s hope for your total health, no matter what’s going on with you. We believe that no matter how old or young you might be, your body is its own best healer. We believe your best days are still ahead of you.

We believe that education is the first step toward wellness, that knowing how your body works and what your body needs leads to amazing results. And we believe that this knowledge doesn’t end with you. It passes on to your loved ones and friends, like a viral wellness that improves the lives and relationships around you.

We believe that along with education and support, health is a matter of “one foot in front of the other.” Our program is a journey made up of intentional and scientifically-supported steps that take you, one by one, toward a life of holistic well-being and happiness.

The Wellness Training Institute was created in order to help you live a better life. It is designed to be a community resource center that is aligned with universal laws of nature to achieve your wellness goals. Our programs, products, and services are geared to help you connect with your body’s natural ability to heal itself. As the process deepens you become clear in your understanding of wellness and your condition improves regardless of whether you have a preexisting medical problem or you just simply want to prevent one.

Come and experience first hand the difference The Wellness Training Institute can make in your life. Remember, the choices you make today will determine the life you live tomorrow!