Meet Dr. Michael Dangovian DO, FACC

I am an integrative, yoga-based, cardiovascular specialist and have been in practice for over 31 years and have long understood that optimal health and wellness take more than what traditional medicine can offer alone. For, optimal health and wellness requires participation by the patient. The WTI is a place where you can learn what you need to know to omit the failures and then fill in the gaps that the traditional model has to offer. Read more.

Our Passion For Wellness

No matter how bad the news about health trends happens to be at any given moment—it’s dire, if you haven’t looked in a while—that doesn’t mean that those trends have to continue. As a country we might be fat, sick, and dying. But that doesn’t mean staying stuck in this unending toxic feedback loop has to apply to you. Read more.

Healthy Heart & Vascular

For over twenty years, Dr. Michael Dangovian has been working with patients in a unique way, integrating yoga, meditation, supplements and education into a traditional cardiology practice. This has allowed him to take the best and most cutting edge modern western science and leverage it with these often overlooked, yet medically proven non-traditional practices. Combining these two “separate” ways of understanding a patient’s body makes for a highly individualized patient experience. More importantly, this approach has allowed Dr. Dangovian to develop a deep understanding of complementary lifestyle practices that not only prevent chronic disease, but even reverse it! Learn more.