Again, catering to your specific needs and goals, the foundation of our Fitness Program is primarily yoga-based and includes Dr. Dangovian’s highly effective SitStandStroll technique. Whether you are 18 or 88, our plans will get you moving to that next level of health… and beyond!

SitStandStroll originated from Dr. Dangovian’s “Healthy Heart, Health Back” fitness program that he has been teaching for over twenty years. The program started as a stress reduction program for cardiac patients and has evolved into a portable yoga practice. A unique approach to fitness, this teaches people of all ages and with all different health backgrounds how to breathe in a way that is grounding.

Wouldn’t you want to learn how to breathe so that you feel lighter with each breath? The way most people breathe causes them to be “top heavy”—which leads to many ending up on a walker.

When an older person falls, they fall forward… How does a baby fall when they are first learning to walk? Babies fall on their butt, The elderly fall over and break their hip. SitStandStroll is incorporated both in the Fitness section of Healthful Evolutions, as well as in Stress Management.