Why You Should Start a Detox… Today

By Nicole Martin

October 16, 2017

Looking to do a detox? Start here first…

Detoxes have become popular over the last few years. Every celebrity out there seems to either promote one that they use or sell one they’ve branded themselves.

These detoxes can take a lot of forms. Juice cleanses, pills, grabbing a few things from the back of your cupboard, mixing them up, and consuming the resulting solution—and only that—for days, weeks, even months. These detoxes can range from the mildly humorous to the grossly (and dangerously) absurd.

Even though some of these take things way too far, for the most part, their creators’ hearts were in the right place. Each is designed to be a solution to a big problem we’re all facing.

Namely, our increasingly toxic world creates a significant burden on our bodies.

Exposure to the air we breathe, the stress we feel, and the food we ingest can add up to over 14 pounds of pesticides, herbicides, food additives and preservatives per year for the average American.

Out of more than 100,000 commercially used chemicals, more than 25,000 (that’s 25%) are known to be hazardous to human health.

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The liver and the gastrointestinal (GI) tract are responsible for removing these toxins.

But if the liver is not working at full strength, every other system in the body is at risk because fat-soluble toxins, which are hard to get out of the body, instead get stored in the process.

So this is why doing a detox at least once or twice a year is so important.

What’s the Best Detox?

But what separates one detox from another? Your Pinterest board is full of them, and they’re all wildly different. It can be hard to know which ones work, and which ones don’t.

Well, the key to a good detox—and by “good,” I mean one that does what it’s supposed to—is to find one that doesn’t just deal with your liver, or your GI tract, or any other single system. Instead, you need a detox that doesn’t just focus on your body but also takes into account the importance of your mind and spirit in the process.

Keep These in Mind

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you choose your detox.

1. You need a detox that views you as a complete human being.

2. It needs to be long enough to allow your body and mind to reset—usually, 20+ days is ideal.

3. The detox shouldn’t claim to not “flush” your body of toxins. Instead, it needs to support your natural detoxification systems.

4.It should NOT make you miserable. If the detox covers the first 3 of these checkboxes, this point should take care of itself.

So, if you’re looking to do a detox, each of these boxes needs to be checked off.

But, whichever one you find, remember this: Detoxing is a wonderful thing to do for yourself. Take that next step confidently.

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