Why Detox Has to be Part of Your Diet

Here’s why allowing your body to reset is essential to your health…

As a vegan, I’m always getting asked how I’ve stuck to an entirely plant-based diet for all these years. Which is really just another way of asking, “How do you stick to a diet?”

The answer? It has a lot to do with detoxing. But, really, that’s just the beginning.

The better you treat your body, the more you feed it real food, the stuff that’s bad for you slowly becomes less and less appetizing.

And it’s not a mental thing. It’s a real physical change.

Before I describe what I mean, though, let’s do a quick refresher on what a detox actually is.

What’s a Detox?

You hear a lot of detoxes these days (mostly in the form of expensive powders and juices designed to shed pounds quickly and easily, all with virtually no effort on your part). But, a detox is really much simpler.

A detox is, at its essence, a process of cleansing your body and bloodstream of the toxins that we’re surrounded by each day.

Here are some of a detox’s benefits:

1. Your body’s natural detoxification systems are reset
2. Free radicals, which contribute to premature aging and other bad things, are eliminated from your body.
3. Your immune system gets a big boost.
4. Your organs get happy and start working better.
5. Your overall health and life improve.
6. You get rid of some of your old bad habits and start with a clean slate to begin building newer, better ones.

So, as number 6 above shows, when you’ve done a detox, you’re primed to build healthy habits. And part of that process also includes the fact that you’ve essentially gotten rid of all the junk in your system and your body feels good. From there, because the detox has shown your body what it’s supposed to feel like, your body will naturally take over from there. Feed it good food and it will let you know. Feed it garbage, and it will let you know that you shouldn’t have done that.

Listening and the Physical

I used to love french fries. But after detoxing often and sticking to a plant-based diet, if I eat a french fry now, my body will let me know. Loudly.

And that’s the key to maintaining a healthy diet. Staying in tune with your body. Feeding it what it needs. And, when you screw up, it will let you know.

And, again, it’s not purely a mental shift. No, it’s a physical one. An honest-to-gosh gut reaction in the most literal sense.

It’s an amazing transformation, one that you definitely deserve to experience, no matter where you are in your health journey!

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