Nancy B.’s Story

Before joining the Wellness program, I thought my diet wasn’t too bad. Boy, was I wrong!  I was eating lots of pasta, bread, and dairy products.  To make matters worse, I was drinking massive amounts of Diet Coke (caffeine-free – HA) and chain-chewing sugarless gum.  Little did I know that artificial sweeteners make you crave sweets. So, cookies and other foods high in sugar were always in my shopping cart.  Heart problems had caused additional fatigue and a regimen of daily medications.  No exercise, of course.  In short, I was overweight, listless, and pretty miserable.

Since joining the program, all of my bad habits are gone.  I have lost 28 pounds, and have eliminated all but one of my medications – and that’s a cholesterol drug which I will not need very soon.  I am exercising again and have lots of energy.  Aches and pains have disappeared, and even my posture has improved. The benefits of regular blood testing with accompanying supplements cannot be underestimated, but I strongly believe it was eliminating the bad habits that has meant the most to my transformation.

                                                                                                -Nancy B

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