The Right Way to Do a Detox

By Michael Dangovian

February 21, 2017  

There are a lot of options out there for detoxes. Obviously, some are better than others.

But no matter which one you choose (if you choose one at all), there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

We have a member who once went on a forty-day “water detox”—which is exactly what it sounds like. He managed to lose about 40 pounds… but he also lost his gall bladder in the process. Rapid weight loss is a big stressor on that organ, and halfway through the process, his failed completely.

(He’s doing great now, by the way. He’s working through the program, losing weight, and has fallen in love with legumes.)

So, here are three tips on doing a detox:

Work up to it

The main thing you hear about detoxing is that you’re going to feel awful for the first few days. This is true, in some respects, but at the same time you can mitigate that misery by working up to it. At The Wellness Training Institute, we spend a full six weeks getting our members prepared for a detox.

Do an elimination diet before.

It’s going to sound obvious, but the hardest part of detoxing is not being able to eat. But beneath the actual physical need to eat, there’s a whole host of emotions tied to those foods you might not even be aware of. And that’s where an elimination diet done before the detox comes in. Among other things, it reveals the emotions you have towards the food you eat. Being aware of those is an important factor in a successful detox. (and don’t worry, on our detox program you will still be eating lots of food)

(For more info on elimination diets and how to do one, click here.)

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Start with a gratitude Journal

The last tip here is actually the first step in a detox.

The whole point of a detox is allowing your body to rest. You’re giving it certain, targeted nutrients, which in turn allows you body to heal itself. But it’s not just your body that is effected in a detox… it’s ALL of you. So we start every detox with a daily, 3-minute Gratitude Journal exercise. This allows your mind and spirit to be in the best possible position to gain all the benefits of the detox you can.

(Not sure what a Gratitude Journal is, or why you should start one today? No problem. Just click here!)

I hope this information helps you in your health journey. The real key in any detox, no matter which one you feel is right for you, is the old adage, “Slow and steady wins the race.” Health is a gradual process, and a detox should be as well.

Your body—and vital organs—will thank you.

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