Matt P.’s Story

Over the past 30-years, I have tried dozens of fad diets and approaches to losing weight.  Looking back, none of them were really focused on my overall health, nor did they promote a change in the way I thought about and interacted with food.

Upon attending a seminar with Dr. Dangovian, in early 2018, the ‘light-bulb’ went off for me and his messages about food and the approach of the Wellness Training Institute made perfect sense to me.  I finally realized that my approaches to managing my food intake and overall health were not only ineffective but also detrimental to my overall health and well-being.  I also realized that this is a tough ‘battle’ to win, as so much of what we see in the media, and have learned over the years about healthy-eating, are not designed to support solid nutritional behaviors, but instead are designed to promote the sale of specific food items (I use the term food loosely here as we have learned that many items found today in the local grocery store are not food as your body cannot recognize or use them as fuel).

My wife and I made the decision that the time had come and if we really wanted to achieve a healthier lifestyle, and wanted to diminish the risks associated with poor health such as Obesity, High-Cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes, Joint Pain, Stroke, and Heart issues, then we needed to make a change in our total approach to our health.  The Wellness Training Institute has laid out a very clear path to a healthier and happier life for both of us.  Together we have fully embraced the tenets of the program, and not just undertaken a diet, but for the first time in our lives have made a choice to change our habits and behaviors.  Since the start of the program in mid-Summer 2018, we have fully embraced the plan and followed the script.  We find that we now make completely different choices when it comes to food and fueling our bodies.  Although we eat out often, we have been able to apply the things we have learned, and we make great choices with regards to what we order, and maybe more importantly, what we consciously decide to avoid.  Every day is not easy, as there are items that we still crave, but we have learned to replace those unhealthy items with choices that are fulling and gratifying.  Neither Denise nor I are planning on adopting a Vegan or even Vegetarian lifestyle, but we have embraced a substantial increase in the number of vegetables and fruits we eat, with limited (organic) animal proteins on occasion.  I have also opted to eliminate Dairy, Gluten/Carbohydrates, and Alcohol from my life.

Over the past 6 months, I have lost a total of 75lbs, while Denise has lost 15lbs.  This seems incredible to me as for the first 4 months, I had a broken foot and could do little to no exercise.  The weight just came off naturally as I provided better fuel for my body along with eliminating items that added no nutritional value.  I have begun to exercise again and feel great on a daily basis.  My joints don’t ache anymore, Denise claims my snoring has been substantially reduced, and my bloodwork has shown drastic improvements in all areas.  My overall energy level has dramatically improved and I enjoy my new found healthy lifestyle.  I was fortunate that I was not taking any medications prior to starting the program to manage any ‘illnesses’, and now I am confident that I can avoid having to start taking medications to manage issues created by my poor food/health choices.

If you are thinking about starting this program, it is a great commitment to your personal health and well-being.  It does take focus and mindfulness on a daily basis and will work for you if you are willing to adopt the tactics and strategies identified by the staff members of the Wellness Training Institute.  The support of Dr. Dangovian and his entire staff has been superb, and we enjoy that we now consider a number of the team as our friends.

Best wishes to you as you embark on a healthy and happy lifestyle.

                                                                                                                              -Matt P.

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