How the Healthful Evolutions Program Works

By Nicole Martin

February 23, 2018

So, what’s the Healthful Evolutions Program? Here’s the gist…

One of the most common questions we get here at the Wellness Training Institute is how, exactly, our Healthful Evolutions Program works.

It’s a good question. Not because what we do is complicated, or even all that hard to describe. It’s actually pretty straightforward.

The question comes for another reason: Our Healthful Evolutions program isn’t like anything else most people would be familiar with.

Here’s How We’re Unique

It’s not a diet like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or one of the million weight loss programs out there. There are no crazy, restrictive rules. It’s not something that promises overnight success. It’s not a gym. And we don’t believe supplements are the ultimate cure.

Instead, it’s a strategic, personalized plan that’s designed to replace all the bad habits you have—the habits that are slowly killing you—with good, life-affirming ones. It’s a tried and true process that gives you back everything you put into it—and more! And although it can be hard to shift away from the habits you’ve had for a big portion of your life and none of the benefits of these changes manifest overnight, Healthful Evolutions provides something that very few other “health programs” can offer. Which is: True and lasting change.

Our program is based on science, years of research, and experience working with people. We’ve learned what works—both in terms of short-term benefits as well as how to create changes that last for the rest of your life. We are constantly innovating and enhancing our program. When we learn something new, we want you to know it too! The world we live in is constantly changing— which means we need to learn how to respond to it. We need to learn how to face new challenges. The biggest advantage we have in getting people truly life-lasting results is that we set a foundation that allows people to face challenges that come up in life and give them the tools to choose health… even in the worst circumstances.

So, now that we’ve hit the 1,000-foot view, here’s how the program works…

How We Work

Most of our members come to the program through one of our free Wellness Dinner Seminars, where we eat a meal together and both Dr. Dangovian and I offer a ton of great information on how to get healthy… and stay that way for good.

The next step is to schedule a consultation. During the seminar, you get to know us. The goal of the consultation is for us to get to know you. We want to determine if we’re a good fit. We want to know if our program is right for you. Our program isn’t for everyone, so we also need to discuss if you’re ready to make the changes necessary for getting healthy.

Here we’ll sit down, learn about you—your goals, your challenges, and how you got to this current stage in your health, wherever that might be. We run you through a thorough Wellness Evaluation, where we’ll ask a lot of questions. Many of these questions are ones that you’ve never been asked—but should’ve been. We want to get a clear picture of who you are and what your body needs to be healthy. We’ll also have you bring any recent lab work.

If we find that we are a good fit for each other, we will talk about financing options at this stage. (Insurance doesn’t cover our program, but we haven’t had any problems helping our members with financing.)

From there we take our program and adapt it to you. There are five pillars of health — nutrition, fitness, detoxification, hormone testing and attention to reducing stress and supporting your nervous system—and our program focuses in on each. It’s a simple equation and I’ve seen it work a million times: Build up those pillars, and health just happens.

We’ll walk you through orientation, order blood work panels, and begin to talk about nutritional transitions.

We start with nutrition because it’s what the other four pillars primarily depend upon… you can’t, for example, start getting active without a good nutritional foundation. It’s like trying to run your car on an empty tank. So, we do a six-week pre-detox preparation followed by a 21-day detox. This process resets your body, allows it to heal, and eliminates all the toxic stuff our current American lifestyles expose us to on a daily basis.

The Name of the Game

Throughout all of this, support is the name of the game. The program lasts anywhere from three to nine months, and during that time, we offer tons of sessions designed to get you results.

We have five yoga classes per week. We have a recipe club. We also have group cooking days and an interactive Q and A called “What’s for Breakfast?”, both of which are designed to show you how to prepare great-tasting food that’s also great for you. Plugging into the community here at the Wellness Training Institute is probably the most rewarding part of the program for many of our members. So, you’ll be spending at least an hour every two weeks here building healthy habits and finding the support many wouldn’t otherwise have.

Some of our members have opted for our virtual program. Folks who travel for work, for example, can get the same level of support from us through email, training videos, bi-weekly check-ins over the phone. Plus, our whole team is available at any time, whether you’re physically here or not.

The goal of everything we do here is to get you well so that you can live a better life. We want this season of your life to be the best.

The process works. But, here’s the deal… it won’t work by itself.
Probably the most critical element of your success in our program is, well, YOU.

YOU are the one that does the work. YOU heal yourself. We are simply your guide.

You need a guide. You can’t get healthy alone. And you need someone who understands the overall strategy and can adapt the program to your specific needs.

Everyone is different. My experience going through the program is going to be wildly different than yours. Why? Because our bodies need different things. I can anticipate a lot, but not everything. Because of that, we usually try to keep our members in the program for a minimum of six months, because it usually takes that long to really figure out how to maximize your health. To find your lasting success.

Which, as I said before, is the whole point!

What You Deserve

You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live your life to its fullest.

And if you’re ready to take that next step? We’re ready and waiting… and super excited to walk alongside you on that journey!

The first step, as I mentioned before, is to come to dinner!

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page here.

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