Health KickStart Series #4: Connect

By Nicole Martin

January 3, 2018

Is this simple habit missing from your health?

 Welcome to Part 4 of our Health Kickstart series. Watch or Read Part 1: Frame Your Day here, Part 2: Speed Up here, or Part 3: Slow Down here.

This series is designed for people who want to get healthy… but just can’t seem to get any traction. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. So, the goal here is to give you a step by step plan to do just that. Each part of the series will give you a small and easy action to take each day. Before long, if you stick with it, the steps within this plan will make a big impact on your long-term health.

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Health doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In my experience, in fact, it’s hard to get healthy alone. You need support. You need love and encouragement.

You need others.

You need a community.

So, in this phase of the plan, we’re going to CONNECT.

Choose one of the following and spend five meaningful minutes on it each day this week.

1. Tell Three People You Love Them Today

This seems simple, but it can be a powerful exercise.

Pro tip: Maybe make sure the people you tell are people that you actually know. Strangers’ responses may vary. 🙂

Happy people are social people. Reach out and give some love today.

2. Call a Friend or Family Member

Ring someone up and just express how much they mean to you.

If that feels like something that might be hard for you to do (calling out of the blue might seem a little daunting for some), then just be mindful about doing it the next time you talk to someone you know. Let them know you appreciate them. People love to be loved and appreciated. Building this habit can go a long way in creating a happy life.

3. Pay It Forward

This exercise can be as grand—or as small—as you’d like. The next time you’re going through a toll booth, for example, pay for the car behind you. Or, buy a coffee for the person behind you in line at Starbucks.

Or, just look for an opportunity to do a random act of kindness. The thing about looking for these opportunities is that I can guarantee you’ll find them. You just have to look.

The key here, no matter which one you choose, is to be intentional about it. Look for opportunities to better someone else’s life. Even if it’s just a smile for a stranger, sometimes something small can go a long way.

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