Success Stories from the Executive Health Coaching Program

Here’s what success really looks like… In our Executive Health Coaching Program, the successes we’ve thus far have been both humbling and phenomenal. We’re so proud of each of our program members and graduates, and I wanted to share a few of their stories to celebrate what they’ve accomplished and show how remarkable the changes in their life have been.(For more on what this program is all about and whether it’s right for you, click here.) Jay*One of our recent program graduates, for instance, was intimately involved with one of the candidate’s campaigns in the last presidential election. In his role, he was constantly on the move, going from state to state for months at a time. When he came to us, he knew his health was a disaster. He was overweight. His cholesterol and triglycerides were off the charts. His blood pressure was dangerously high. If he had been going to the doctor he would have already been on diabetic medications. In short, he was primed for a serious health event in his very near future. He knew his life was on the line. His driving motivation was to be around for his kids, to watch them grow into amazing adults. Through our program, even though his work at that high of a level could easily spell disaster for his health, he hit every last one of his goals! In three months the improvements in his blood work were remarkable. His hemoglobin a1c went from a 7.3 to 5.8, his cholesterol came down well into normal ranges, and his triglycerides reduced by 259 points! How? First, he was committed to the process and did the work. His driving motivation was to be around for his kids, to watch them grow and become amazing adults. Also, we supported him by designing strategies specifically for him and his unique lifestyle. He went through our virtual training programs, and we helped him create a practical plan for maintaining his nutrition while on the go. And his commitment paid off. Jay lost 70 pounds. Now he doesn’t need the medication that he did before. And, most notably, he graduated from the program with the tools to continue to remain healthy for the rest of his life and be around for his children for decades to come!  FredFred came to our program just wanting to get healthy. At the time he didn’t have fire alarms going off and he wasn’t on a laundry list of medications… but he knew he was headed in that direction. His cholesterol was high and out of range and he really didn’t want to start a statin (cholesterol lowering medication). He knew he needed to make a change. The minute he joined the program, he went all in. He followed the plan we designed for him religiously and, through changes in his diet, exercise routines, his active role in our supportive community, and all the other components of the program, he didn’t just hit his goals… he blew past them! In three months his total cholesterol dropped 48 points. Additionally, his HDL (good cholesterol) raised 10 points which means he did some amazing work! And, as just another example of what an amazing man Fred is, he even worked with his father to change his diet, which in turn drastically slowed the progression of his declining mental state! Congrats, Fred! We’re so proud of you! BillBill came to us with a laundry list of health issues. He had a high-stress job and the stress, and poor nutrition had finally caught up with him over the decades. His acid reflux made sleep difficult, if not impossible. He knew he needed to do something, but wasn’t quite convinced that our program was the answer. Actually, that’s not quite accurate. The truth is that Bill was convinced that we were definitely not going to be able to help him. He entered the program as a skeptic and gave us a timeline: If he didn’t see results in exactly two weeks, he wanted his money back, and he’d find some other solution. Part of the reason he was sure this program wouldn’t work had to do with the dietary changes he’d need to make. “Here’s the thing,” he said. “I only eat five vegetables, and I don’t see that changing.” Once he got started with the program, though, his world opened up. We spent a lot of time showing him which medical information is correct, and which is garbage. We did a lot of myth-busting. We taught him how to prepare delicious, fully plant-based meals, and gave him a plan for getting off all the meds he was taking at the time. When the end of the second week came around, Bill came to us and told us that not only was he no longer a skeptic, from this point on he was all in. He’d seen the results he’d wanted to see in the first two weeks—including a rapid reduction of his acid reflux symptoms—and never looked back. And if you’re curious, Bill LOVES all kinds of vegetables now. 😀 Again congrats to these three guys! They’ve done amazing things when it comes to their health, and serve as just a few more examples of the results people are seeing through our Executive Health Coaching Program! If you’re interested in learning more about her Executive Health Coaching Program, you can learn more

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