Reinventing Wellness from the Ground Up

By Michael Dangovian

June 17, 2016

Let’s say you’re sick. Or overweight. Or have one of 90-plus autoimmune diseases running rampant these days. Or just feel sluggish.

(Given the current state of health in this country, there’s a big chance I’m not asking you to actually pretend. But, I digress…)

So, your health isn’t exactly optimal at the moment. Now, let’s say you want to get better.

Great! So what do you do?

Take some vitamin C. Or whip up a pot of chicken soup. Or go see your medical practitioner for a prescription or ten.

There’s a hundred places to start, right? And depending on what’s ailing you, any of the above is probably going to be equally effective. You might get “better,” or not. You might get “better” for a while and then fall back into that sickness ditch again sometime down the road.

But that’s the best we can hope for, right? Sickness is essentially just a hamster wheel we have to run on more and more as we age, right?


With whatever happens to need fixing with you right now—before you can even think about not just “getting better,” but instead finding optimum health in your life—you need to understand something very basic about how our bodies work.

The Body Electric

What I’m going to say next might sound a little hippie-dippy, but I promise you it’s not. What I’m going to say is based on a solid scientific principle.

There’s an energy that is always flowing in our bodies. This energy directly affects our health. Every moment of every day, our health is either getting better or getting worse. There’s no such thing as just “coasting along.”

(Which makes sense, of course. When was the last time you saw electricity just sitting around doing nothing? Part of what makes it what it is is that state of constant movement.)

And the most vital energy flow we have is grounding energy. Just like the name implies, this type of energy happens when we direct our energy down towards the ground. We do this by thinking grounding thoughts, eating grounding food, taking grounding breaths, making grounding actions, etc.

The Foundation

So any wellness program worth anything has to start with with strategies that direct your body’s energy to ground. This is where your wellness foundation is built. Everything else depends on it.

At the Wellness Training Institute, we guide our patients through a number of these strategies. Our diet plan includes the introduction of grounding foods. Our revolutionary form of yoga, Sit Stand Stroll, is designed to continually ground your energy throughout the day as you go about your life. We even incorporate a Gratitude Journal into the program to develop in our patients daily habits that ground their thoughts.

It only makes sense: You can’t build anything lasting or good if you don’t have the right foundation in place. All the healthy stuff in the world won’t do much good if they’re being introduce to a structure that’s about to topple over.

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