Joe C.’s Story

Joe’s Success Story

First step, I went to the wellness dinner seminar.

Like anyone looking into this program I was skeptical that they could deliver lasting results. Most of what Dr. Dangovian spoke about I had already had researched or had personal experience with. Although I knew the problems, solutions were eluding me.

The Wellness program claimed to have the answers I was looking for. I can say, with the results outlined above, they have backed up their claims.

Best advice I can give is to keep an open mind. I had tried diets, cleanses, and workout programs with minimal success. Once into the program it became clear this was different. I consider it a complete mind- body lifestyle modification. I learned that no single part of the program alone would be successful. This is why attempts on my own without putting all of the pieces together ultimately failed.

As I have completed the program, the knowledge I have been given is life changing. The thing that impresses me most about this program is the constant learning of the staff. They are all over the country looking into any open possibilities to improve their program. I can only say I am a little jealous for the new people starting this program and the new things that have yet to be learned and introduced into the program. I guess I would encourage Dr. Dangovian and Nicole to have a one or two session program for those of us that have graduated the program to bring us up to date on new information they have gathered. I know I will be watching the website for any new information.

Lastly this program would not be successful without the staff that Dr. Dangovian and Nicole have put together. They are there for anything that may come up. One on one sessions, answering any and all questions, and giving support was outstanding. I could ramble on for pages on this topic so I will simply leave it with the following statement.

“In my opinion this program is successful due to the staff at the Wellness Training Institute.”

I wish you all the best as you continue to change lives for the better.

All of my respect,

Joseph C.

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