Paul and Lois N.’s Story

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. For many years, my wife (Lois) and I (Paul) have sought to change our lifestyle and become healthier. Her goal was weight loss and less body pain, mine was to lose weight and become physically active. We both have tried Atkins, Body for Life and various forms of exercising with minimal results. In March, after a visit with Dr. Dangovian, Louis wanted to attend a wellness seminar. At first, I was skeptical but went along. The information presented was logical and supported by many of the articles we have been researching. I surprised her by agreeing to the program. The results we were achieving validated everything we were being taught. I have lost over 30 lbs. and Lois has lost 10-15 lbs. We are addicted to Yoga. Maintaining is now the challenge. As humans, we have weakness and are taking the journey one day at a time. Strange how you realize Coke and buttered popcorn do not taste good after all, or that dairy is what has been causing you issues. We look forward to continuing the adventure.

Lois and Paul N.

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