Amy W.’s Story

Amy’s Success StoryI originally came here for my father who was seeing Dr. Dangovian.We went to a dinner seminar and I thought that maybe this can help me. I had been thinking about going plant-based because of my family’s heart and cancer history. I thought I knew a lot… OH was I wrong!!Dr. Dangovian and Nicole felt they could help me. My blood work numbers weren’t too bad but after doing the program and paying attention to my body, my numbers got even better. My thyroid medication was lowered and hopefully one day I will be off it.I work in a dental office and longtime patients even asked me what I had been doing because my skin looked so nice. I have so much energy in the mornings now and look forward to getting out of bed and starting my day.There is so much to explore out there with food, health, and the Wellness Training Institute has and will always be there to help me with questions and struggles. It wasn’t always easy, but the staff is always there for you with a smile and encouraging word. I can never thank them enough for the new life they have given me.                                                                                                                          Amy W.

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