Vitamin D3 5000 With K2 – 60 Capsules


Vitamin D is a hormone that affects many bodily functions. It is required for calcium absorption, bone growth and bone density. Elderly people with higher blood levels of vitamin D do better on tests that require muscle strength and balance.

Vitamin K is essential to build strong bones and helps promote heart health. Research shows that the combination of vitamin K2 with vitamin D3 can promote both bone and cardiovascular health to help protect against heart attacks and osteoporosis.  It has been suggested that the same actions of vitamin K that protect bones may also help protect against calicification in the blood vessels, a prime factor for heart disease.

WTI Vitamin D3/K2 advantage: Vitamin D3/K2 is a great way to support heart and bone health simutaneously. The Vitamin K supplied in this product is highly bio-available and last longer in the body for better support.

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