Charting Your Path To Wellness

We are in the midst of a health care crisis! We spend more and get less from the health care system than ever before. If you are reading this I am assuming that you are looking for a better way.

Current technology in medicine can get people living into their 90s and beyond... but what is the quality of life when you get there?

If you don't take control of your health now, what does your future look like?

The Wellness Training Institute was created to increase the quality of your life, for both your present and your future. We use the best of cutting edge medical technology combined with a healthy dose of ancient healing arts to craft a powerful, individualized plan to get you healthy and keep you there. Our programs, products, and services are geared to help you connect with your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Founded in 2009 by board certified and nationally recognized cardiologist Dr. Michael Dangovian, D.O., The Wellness Training institute is designed to be a vital community resource center that is aligned with universal laws of nature to achieve your wellness goals.

No matter where you are on your health journey, we can help you live a better life. Dr. Dangovian, Medical Director, and Nicole Martin, Wellness Director, have partnered together creating individualized programs guiding members to regain control of their health and happiness. Click on the icons below to explore Healthful Evolutions, our Wellness Program… and when you are ready, come join us for a free Wellness Dinner!



Our Wellness Program Includes: