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Why Weight Loss Can't be Your Only Goal

By Nicole Martin   |  July 5, 2018

Most everyone wants to lose at least a little weight. But fad “diets” aren't the answer. Instead, you have to start in a completely deeper place to find real health.

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Why Smart People Do So Many Stupid Things

By Michael Dangovian   |  June 21, 2018

We've all seen it. A very smart person who does very dumb things. The question, though, is why?

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Why You Should Start a Detox… Today

By Nicole Martin   |  October 16, 2017

Looking to do a detox? Start here first...

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The Sum of Our Parts: Why Nothing Short of Holistic Health is Health at All

By Nicole Martin   |  February 9, 2017

Back when I was right out of college, I decided that I wanted to be a physical therapist. I loved to exercise, I'd spent a lot of my childhood training as a figure skater, dug science... it seemed like a pretty natural fit.

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