Cecilia, Pat, and Christine

"It's 6 months later, I'm still excited" Pat Z. 

"It's been absolutely life changing" Christine E.

"Nothing else worked before" Cecilia M.


"I'm not on my insulin anymore" Theresa D.


"We actually accomplished what we set out for... We actually got more" Eva and Keith L. 



Judy, Sharon, Jean, and Connie

"I was at the doctor a couple months ago and I had lost 20 pounds" Judy P.

"The humility and the brilliance of the staff, the lifestyle architects... that work with us individually, that's where the changes happen" Sharon F.

"I've walked away with a lot of confidence in being my own healer" "I've had so little success prior to this" Jean Holoday  

 "I tried everything all my life and never got there... that's when I decided I would come... I am worth it" Connie P.



"Skeptical doesn't begin to cover it... it worked relatively quickly for me." "More than anything it's improved my lab values" Nancy and Bill H.


"Once we got in the program, it's been wonderful." "It has changed our life." Doris and Bill K.


"It's time I took myself under my own wing and did something so I decided to enroll in the program." "I haven't had any pain... for the last four months." Sue and Tedd K.



"I can lose weight, the thing is it doesn't stay off... I was having aches and pains, trouble getting up the stairs...definitely feeling better when I didn't think I felt bad... going up the stairs I can take them two at a time now." Scott B. and Lori H.

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