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    Heart Health

    Are you taking care of your heart? Dr. Dangovian and his team at HHV is here for you.

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    Take Control

    It is time to take control of your heart health! We want to help you live the retirement you deserve!

  • Healthy Heart & Vascular

    Healthy Heart & Vascular

    Dr. Dangovian will show you how to prevent future heart conditions and even reverse current conditions. He will show you a better way to approach your health.

Healthy Heart & Vascular

For over twenty years, Dr. Michael Dangovian has been working with patients in a unique way, integrating yoga, meditation, supplements and education into a traditional cardiology practice. This has allowed him to take the best and most cutting edge modern western science and leverage it with these often overlooked, yet medically proven non-traditional practices. Combining these two “separate” ways of understanding a patient’s body makes for a highly individualized patient experience. More importantly, this approach has allowed Dr. Dangovian to develop a deep understanding of complementary lifestyle practices that not only prevent chronic disease, but even reverse it!

If you are looking for a cardiologist who treats more than just your heart, and with tools as timeless as they are cutting-edge, contact Dr. Dangovian and Healthy Heart and Vascular today!

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