Wellness Dinner Seminar

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We’ve found through working with hundreds of clients over the past few years that there are so many questions floating around out there—along with some really bad information serving as “answers” to those questions!—our first step in getting to know you ought to be informative.

We also thought it would be fun if we could eat some great food and relax while doing so!

So, we created our complimentary Wellness Dinner Seminar as an opportunity for you to meet us—and others just like you!—in a laid-back atmosphere.

We share the latest medical information on Stress, Hormones, and Health. We explain the real science behind the problems that have become pandemics in our nation and show how a holistic, yoga-based approach to disease prevention and reversal really works.

Join us for our next Wellness Dinner Seminar! Bring your questions and a healthy appetite!

(Did we mention that it’s FREE?)

To learn more about a proven plan to live a better life, reserve your place at our upcoming informative dinner today!