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How to Develop a Habit of Health

By Michael Dangovian   |  July 6, 2016

The great thing about awareness is that once a bad habit is identified—and we understand the why behind it—we can change it, slowly, step by step.

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Sit Stand Stroll: A Yoga Revolution

By Michael Dangovian   |  June 21, 2016

When you think about yoga, what comes to mind? For most people, it's images of young women with ponytails sitting on the floor twisting themselves into human pret...

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Reinventing Wellness from the Ground Up

By Michael Dangovian   |  June 17, 2016

Let's say you're sick. Or overweight. Or just feel sluggish. Now, let's say you want to get better. Great! So what do you do?...

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3 Steps to Finding Your Ideal Diet

By Nicole Martin   |  June 13, 2016

Our culture has hijacked the definition of the word “diet.” It used to mean “what we eat over the course of our life.” But these days...

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Top 10 Grounding Techniques

By Michael Dangovian   |  June 11, 2016

In a previous post, I talked about how important it is for your health, no matter what state your well-being is in these days, to start from...

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5 Easy Nutritional Hacks to Revolutionize Your Life

By Nicole Martin   |  June 7, 2016

What do all of the following (totally real, you can google it) "fad" diets have in common...

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4 Simple Steps to Cultivate Awareness

By Michael Dangovian   |  June 3, 2016

Health doesn't happen in a vacuum. It also doesn't happen just by yourself. You need community, because community breeds...

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ACT: How to Change Your Life in Three Simple Steps

By Michael Dangovian   |  May 31, 2016

Here are three simple steps you can take to build that habit—and revolutionize your life in ways you probably can't even imagine at this moment...

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WTI Hosts PBNSG Small Group

By Nicole Martin   |  December 8, 2015

WTI hosts PBNSG Small Group Meeting! Monday, December 28th at 5:00pm

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By Nicole Martin   |  December 4, 2015

When you are good to your body you will begin feeling better than you ever imagined.

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The science of healthy aging

By Michael Dangovian   |  July 17, 2015

There's a science to staying healthy as you age. As your body changes, so do the requirements for diet and exercise.

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By Michael Dangovian   |  July 17, 2015

What makes us different is our ability to integrate the best of conventional western medicine practices with the often overlooked, yet medically proven non-traditional practices, such as yoga, meditation, and realistic dietary recommendations.

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New technology can save lives and lower costs

By Michael Dangovian   |  July 16, 2015

Isansys Lifecare recently announced the world's first commercially available, wireless cardiac monitor which can provide low cost continuous ECG heart monitoring.

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