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How to Handle Resistance When You're Making Positive Changes

By Nicole Martin   |  May 30, 2019

One of the hardest and most surprising challenges when it comes to taking back your health is how others deal with you wanting to change...

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Why Falling Off the Wagon Can Actually be a Good Thing

By Nicole Martin   |  May 23, 2019

We've all been there. We begin making healthy changes in our daily life. Things are going great, and then... We fall off the wagon...

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5 Ways to Maintain Your Diet While Traveling

By Nicole Martin   |  May 9, 2019

Here's how to stick to your healthy eating plan when you're on the go...

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The 6 Human Needs, and Why They Matter to Your Health

By Nicole Martin   |  May 2, 2019

Tony Robbins has identified six basic human needs, divided up into two categories, physical and spiritual. Physical needs include certainty, variety, significance, and love and connection. The two spiritual needs are growth and contribution. This li

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3 Ways to Develop a Supportive Community to Help You Get Healthy

By Nicole Martin   |  April 25, 2019

You can't get healthy alone. Or, if it's not impossible, it's at least incredibly hard... and incredibly rare. Humans are social, so taking back your health is, by default, a community endeavor. You need support. You need encouragement. You need pe

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Why Weight Loss Can't be Your Only Goal

By Nicole Martin   |  July 5, 2018

Most everyone wants to lose at least a little weight. But fad “diets” aren't the answer. Instead, you have to start in a completely deeper place to find real health.

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How to Actually Lose Weight During this Holiday Season

By Nicole Martin   |  November 21, 2017

The holiday season is synonymous with food... and lots of it! So, with all the events you'll be attending this season, how do you keep from destroying your health... and actually lose weight?

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The Obesity Odds: What You Can Do Today to Avoid the Epidemic

October 25, 2017

If you have checked the stats lately, you already know how grim the obesity epidemic has gotten... even over the last decade. And if you haven't seen the numbers, you're going to be shocked.

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Is Your Diet SAD?

By Michael Dangovian   |  October 3, 2017

If you view a change in diet as something you "get to" do, as opposed to something you "have to" do, you will be much more likely to one, stick with it and truly feel the benefits, and two, enjoy yourself as you go through

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How to Keep the Belly Fat Away… For Good

By Michael Dangovian   |  September 7, 2017

Caught in the Yo-yoing cycle of fad dieting? Here's how to shed those pounds and keep them off!

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First Do No Harm: The One Things that Drives Me NUTS as a Doctor

By Michael Dangovian   |  September 8, 2016

Even after twenty-plus years as a practicing cardiologist, there is one thing that, above all else, drives me nuts. Before I get to that, though, let me make something very clear.

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The End of Real Food: Hijacking the Word “Diet”

By Nicole Martin   |  August 30, 2016

When people say they're on a “diet,” what do they actually mean?

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The Importance of Gradual Change

By Nicole Martin   |  August 19, 2016

Just losing the weight doesn't mean you're healthy. Health is all about nutrifying your life. It's about making changes to your life—literally choosing “life” over “death” each moment of your life.

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