Veggie Noodles with Cream Sauce

June 14, 2017

Veggie Noodles with Cream Sauce

Veggie noodles are a great alternative to regular pasta, not only are they just as satisfying, but they give you TONS of extra nutrition.  Not to mention they are gluten-free, and gluten is the #1 cause of leaky gut!

You can spiralize any veggies, but this is one of our favorites blends.


 - 2-3 zucchinis

- 1 cucumber 

- 3 beets (the greens from your beets are great to thinly slice for salads, or to juice/add to smoothies)

- 1 bag kelp noodles, optional (soak before serving)



Spiralize veggies, and mix together.  A great tip for food prepping is to keep all these spiralized veggies in your fridge to use throughout the week!


Ways to eat:

- You can warm the spiralized veggies and kelp noodles in hot water just like regular noodles, they will cook in just a few minutes to soften the texture.  If you are warming do not add the cucumber.  For sauce you can use our Creamy Garlic Herb Sauce or Nicole's Cheese Sauce  

- Veggie noodles are also delicious served cold and the creamy sauces are as well!  This is perfect if you need an on-the-go meal.



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sauce you can use our Creamy Garlic Herb Sauce or Nicole's Cheese Sauce . Veggie noodles are also delicious served cold and the creamy sauces are as well! This is perfect if you need an on-the-go meal.I thank you so much for sharing the post with this post......

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